Richfield Christian Fellowship

What you can expect as you join us

At Richfield Christian Fellowship, it is our desire to ensure that your experience is positive and that you leave inspired, challenged and changed in your relationship with God and others. As a Christian church we have the Bible at the center of what we believe, what we do and how we live and function. You will see various Biblical references to give you a better understanding as to why we do what we do.
Praise and Worship – is an important part of our time together. We celebrate our relationship with God, we declare His goodness, we yield ourselves more completely to Him.   This is articulated in many ways through the different songs we sing (both contemporary & traditional), musical arrangements, and expressions of praise and worship including: clapping, kneeling, raising of hands, expressions of dance, and even moments of quiet and reflection. (Psalms 96:1, 150:3-6, 134:2)
Prayer – We realize that often times there may be people present who are struggling or facing difficult circumstances and life situations. It could be sickness, financial or job strains, or other personal issues.   Because of this, we often designate time for people to come forward so our pastors and elders can pray for them. If during this time you would like prayer, please feel free to come forward. Be assured that you will not be embarrassed and that your request will be held in confidence. Feel free to ask an usher or possibly the friend you came with to accompany you if you are shy or hesitant. (Philippians 4:19, Matthew 7:7-8)
Offering – The functioning and operations of this church are supported through donations via tithes and offerings of those who attend.   We also believe this is in obedience to God’s instruction and a way of worshiping Him. (Malachi 3:10)

Please do not feel obligated to give, but if you wish to do so and would like to receive a receipt for income tax purpose, please use a donation envelope (located in the rear of the pew in front of you or ask an usher), fill it out completely, insert you donation and place it in the offering plate.   Thank-you for your support!
Preaching & Teaching – Of course one of main reasons for attending church is to learn more about God and the relationship we have with Him and His Kindgom. During the services our pastors focus their messages to help us grow in our understanding of God, aid us in our everyday living, encourage & challenge us, and ignite a passion to serve God more.

It’s not learning about religion, it’s learning about a relationship with the One Who created us and Who wants the very best for our lives. We encourage you to follow along and to be motivated and challenged in what you hear. (Colossians 1:28)
Response Opportunity – At the close of our services/events we often give opportunity for those who have never made a commitment to God or a clear establishment of a relationship with Him an opportunity to do so. If you find yourself in that place desiring a relationship with God simply follow the instructions given by the pastor or the one leading this time.